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137283Substitution words within a partial match range help

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  • David Fishburn
    Apr 18, 2013
      Vim 7.3.758

      I have the following string:
      'match /\%(if\|elsif\|unless\|given\|when\|default\)\>/ match /\<\>/  nextgroup=perlElseIfError skip0 skip1 skip2'

      I was hoping (using 1 or 2 substitution commands) to find all words less than or equal to 5 characters in length and remove them.

      But, these words have to be within "match /.../" tags.

      So, when completed, the string above should read:
      'match /\%(\|\|unless\|\|\|default\)\>/ match /\<\>/  nextgroup=perlElseIfError skip0 skip1 skip2'

      Notice the skip0, skip1, skip2 are not touched since they are not within the beginning "match /" and the ending "/" of the match.

      My best try was the following:
      >echo substitute( 'match /\%(if\|elsif\|unless\|given\|when\|default\)\>/ match /\<\>/  nextgroup=perlElseIfError skip0 skip1 skip2', '\<match /.\{-}\zs\<\w\{1,5}\>\ze.\{-}/ ', '', 'g' )

      But it only gets rid of the "if" at the start, and doesn't work on any of the other matches.


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