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137254Re: Determine the position we left off before moving to the command line

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  • John Little
    Apr 15, 2013
      On Monday, April 15, 2013 12:54:14 AM UTC+12, Axel Bender wrote:

      > :command -range=% aaa call <line1>,<line2>func().

      That doesn't look right; don't you mean

      :command! -range=% Aaa <line1>,<line2>call Func()

      If you "start from visual block", when you type the : vim puts


      on the "command-line", and then you type the command name


      if Func is defined with the range attribute, line(".") and a:firstline will be set to that of '<. If you remove the "'<,'>", you've just specified the whole file, so line(".") and a:firstline will be 1.

      You can still get at '< and '> in your function, they will be line("'<") and line("'>"), though that will give the last visual mode used, even if there's no visual mode when the command is invoked.

      HTH, John Little

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