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137147Re: Forcing myself to learn vim properly

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  • BPJ
    Apr 9, 2013
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      On 2013-04-08 19:03, Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      > One of the great plus-points of Vim is that in many cases there
      > are several ways to achieve the same result. IOW, the "proper" way
      > to use Vim is not the one and only way "the teacher" uses it: it
      > is whatever way suits you best.

      Thanks for saying that!

      > Yes, as Marc said, a lot of different motions are documented in
      > the motion.txt helpfile; and don't let keyboard fanatics sway you.
      > Yes, the ability to do everything by keyboard alone is great; but
      > sometimes the fastest way to go to a random point in the current
      > window is just to click on it.

      I have cerebral palsy and have *real* difficulties
      using a mouse effectively, yet I'm no keyboard fanatic:
      I have a marble mouse placed in front of my right
      hand's resting position and I use it for quick
      navigation,for scrolling and for click-pasting even in
      Vim (gvim in my case).

      > hjkl and ←↓↑→ do the same thing: some people take that as an
      > argument to shun the arrow keys. I have a different take on this:
      > with the following mappings:
      > map <Down> gj
      > map <Up> gk
      > ↓ and ↑ (in Normal mode) move by "screen lines", leaving j and k
      > to move by "file lines". This is particularly useful if 'wrap' is
      > set, which is what I use.

      Clever! I however use a Dvorak keyboard, and having
      given up on remapping everything around early on hjkl
      don't make much sense, so I use ←↓↑→ which happen to be
      right above said mouse. Besides I can't effectively use
      my pinky fingers! I don't think I do things wrong, nor
      is it right for me only because of my disability. I'm
      doing what works best for me. Period.

      I think I'll do this though, even though I mostly hardwrap:

      map <C-Down> gj
      map <C-Up> gk


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