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137138Re: UFT-8/16 help needed (How to set up Outlook 2010 / Vim 7.3 to have OutlookVim with Unicode (UTF-8) support?)

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  • aswna2010@...
    Apr 9, 2013
      Hi John,
      thanks for your suggestions. (I am struggling with the original issue.)
      I have tried the things you mentioned, set only the following in my .vimrc:
      > set nocompatible
      > set encoding=utf-8
      I also set a Unicode capable font (I have tried DejaVu_Sans_Mono and Consolas, too).

      I have the default you mentioned:
      > :set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,default,latin1

      Then I tried to open the (original) snippets I saved the other day (hexdumps shown earlier).
      1. Copy-paste (from Outlook to Vim) works perfectly. No ++enc is needed.
      For the others I have tried what you suggested:
      > :e ++enc=utf-16le myfile
      also tried "++enc=utf-16" and "++enc=utf-8". I have no luck, none of the other 3 files could be displayed correctly.
      Partial success for the 4., which should be in utf-8, and when I use the "++enc=utf-16" at open, then I can see one of the two characters (ű) correctly.
      I have also tried to open the same files on Linux, unfortunately I got the same results.

      / András

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