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  • Ben Fritz
    Apr 8, 2013
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      On Monday, April 8, 2013 3:24:07 PM UTC-5, FlashBurn wrote:
      > I'm trying to create a list of file using globpath(). The problem is that globpath returns them as a single string, the other problem is that some of the files contains white spaces in their path. Here is what I came up with
      > call writefile(split(escape(globpath(s:dir_str, '*.[hc]'), ' '), "^@"), s:myfile)
      > The ^@ symbol shows up when globpath is written to a file without splitting it, i.e if you do the following, your files will separated with ^@
      > writefile([escape(globpath(s:dir_str, '*.[hc]'), ' ')], s:myfile)
      > The problem is that split doesn't recognize ^@. I get the following errors
      > E114: Missing quote: "
      > E116: Invalid arguments for function split(escape(globpath(s:dir_str, '*.[hc]'), ' '), "
      > E116: Invalid arguments for function writefile
      > Does anybody know how to make split recognize this funny symbol?
      > Any help is appreciated.

      That "funny symbol" is a NULL character, which Vim uses internally to represent newline characters.

      You can probably split on "\n" instead of "^@", but more likely you can just call writefile on the string directly to get each file on its own line.

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