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137128Re: UFT-8/16 help needed (How to set up Outlook 2010 / Vim 7.3 to have OutlookVim with Unicode (UTF-8) support?)

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  • David Fishburn
    Apr 8, 2013
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      On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 10:31 AM, <aswna2010@...> wrote:
      Hi David
      > Assuming all was good, save the file.
      Yes, it was successful.

      I have sourced the following .vim\after\ftplugin\mail.vim:
      set bomb
      set encoding=utf-8
      set fileencoding=utf-8
      set termencoding=utf-8

      The hexdump results of the two-character long mail body of "őű".
      1. Copy-paste (from Outlook to Vim).
      0000000 bbef c5bf c591 0db1 000a

      2. Using the macro as it is.
      0000000 bbef 6fbf 0a75

      3. Modified the macro to force unicode (utf-16).
      0000000 bbef efbf bebf 84e5 e781 8184 a8e0 0d80
      0000010 000a

      4. Modified the macro the force unicode (utf-8).
      0000000 bbef 3fbf 513f 7101 0a01 0a00

      Here I called "force unicode": commented line 201 in the macro, where unicode variable is set to False.

      I think we need a bit of help from the multi_byte community.


      From Visual Basic code we are using CreateTextFile() with the unicode flag turned on.

      This apparently writes out a file in unicode.

      We want to open this file in Vim, but can't really figure out what settings and command lines to use to successfully open the file. 

      I am having a hard time with Google and Microsoft trying to determine when CreateTextFile() is used, what type of encoding is used on the file.
      I believe it has a BOMB and it might be utf-16.

      Assuming this, I thought the following would be enough for Vim to open the file successfully:
      :set fileencodings=utf-8,ucs_bom,utf-16
      :e ++enc=utf-16 myfile

      If you look at the HEX above, does it help anyone?

      Thank you.

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