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137125Re: How to unmap all combinations that begin with ?

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  • Gary Johnson
    Apr 8, 2013
      On 2013-04-08, Thiago Padilha wrote:
      > I found these default mappings after typing :imap
      > i <Esc>[6~ <PageDown>
      > i <Esc>[5~ <PageUp>
      > i <Esc>OF <End>
      > i <Esc>OH <Home>
      > i <Esc>OD <Left>
      > i <Esc>OC <Right>
      > i <Esc>OB <Down>
      > i <Esc>OA <Up>
      > I want to get rid of all these mappings in my vimrc, so I can properly
      > map key sequences that begin with escape without having vim wait to
      > leav insert mode. I have tried to put the following in my vimrc:
      > iunmap <Esc>[6~
      > iunmap <Esc>[5~
      > iunmap <Esc>OF
      > iunmap <Esc>OH
      > iunmap <Esc>OD
      > iunmap <Esc>OC
      > iunmap <Esc>OB
      > iunmap <Esc>OA
      > But it doesn't work and vim complains with messages of 'no such mappings'

      If you didn't set those mappings in your ~/.vimrc, then they were
      probably set in a plugin. You can find out by executing

      :verbose imap

      If they were set in a plugin, then they were set after your ~/.vimrc
      was read. Since the mappings were not defined when your iunmap
      commands were executed, there were 'no such mappings' to unmap.

      Assuming that that is the problem, then one solution would be
      to create a file named ~/.vim/after/plugin/<plugin> where <plugin>
      is the name of the plugin file in which those mappings are defined,
      and put your iunmap commands in that file.


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