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137087Re: Line break without \n or \r?

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  • Paul Isambert
    Apr 6, 2013
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      Hello Paul,

      Paul <pywpeng@...> a écrit:
      > I was puzzled by the second line break in the attached file. I want to
      > connect all lines that are next to each other (ie there is no blank
      > lines between them, the same way how tex defines a paragraph). So I
      > issue the following command:
      > :%s/\([^\\n]\)\n\([^\\n]\)/\1 \2/g
      > However, the result is
      > uuuu An
      > by y
      > Clearly there is something right after "An" that is not \n but produces
      > a line break. I also tried to replace \n with \r in the command, but it
      > does not work either. I tried various ways but could not find a reason
      > why the above command fails at the second line.


      :%s/.\zs\_s\ze./ /g

      works ok. To me, "[^\\n]" doesn't mean much ("[^\n]" would be better),
      and anyway your original form corrected wouldn't work either for
      one-character lines (since that character would be used by the pattern
      to join the current line to the previous one, and couldn't be reused
      to join the current line to the next one).

      > I find this issue when I tried to connect all the lines in a texfile
      > that forms a paragraph. There are always some lines that failed to be
      > connected and I can't seea reason. Anyone has a clue about this issue?

      A simpler way is to use "vipJ", meaning "select the current paragraph
      and join the lines" (see ":help v_j").


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