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137066Re: netrw copy fails, trouble installing v.147

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  • Paul
    Apr 3, 2013
      Charles, I seem to have skipped over some of your comments and
      questions. Sorry about that.

      On Apr 2, 12:23 pm, Charles Campbell <Charles.E.Campb...@...>
      >Paul wrote:
      >>> From a previous posting on this forum I was advised to try netrw
      >>> 147, which I un-vimballed into "c:/Program Files
      >>> (x86)/Vim/vimfiles". No need to set g:vimball_home because the
      >>> above directory was the first valid directory in runtimepath.
      > Hmm, that looks problematic, because it looks like where vim's
      > system files appear. I'll have to take a look at vimball and make
      > sure that its not unpacking into system directories automatically.
      > What does :echo &rtp show?

      C:/vimfiles,C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim/vimfiles,C:\Program Files
      (x86)\Vim\vim73,C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim/vimfiles/after,C:/vimfiles/

      I un-vimballed netrw 147 into both the 2nd & 3rd directories.

      >> I've been troubleshooting this problem a number of hours, and
      >> somewhere in my rummaging about, I recall getting an warning
      >> message that netrw 147 required vim 7.3.XXX, where XXX was a
      >> decimal number in the 100-199 range.
      > I confirm: as the message said, the latest netrw requires 7.3.465,
      > which is referring to vim's patch level.

      OK, that means that I have to upgrade gvim for Windows, which means
      it's not a solution for the locked down computer. I don't suppose
      there is anything further I could try to troubleshoot the "mc" in
      netrw 140?

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