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137009Re: Register overwritten only when clipboard=unnamed

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  • Charles Campbell
    Apr 1, 2013
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      PARK, Kyung-Kook wrote:
      > On Saturday, March 30, 2013 3:03:45 AM UTC+9, Bee wrote:
      >> On Mar 29, 8:26 am, <kyu...@...> wrote:
      >>> I am trying to copy & paste a word under the cursor.
      >> Are you trying to 'exchange' the word under the cursor with the one on
      >> the clipboard?
      >> What version of vim?
      >> What platform: Windows, Linux, Mac ?
      >> Bill
      > I am using gVim 7.3 on Windows x64 platform.
      > Yes, I want to replace a word at the cursor position by
      > another word yanked from a different position.
      Then you might like visswap.vim.

      You can get visswap from:


      Quick overview: swapping text using visual mode

      Use visual mode (any of the three) to select some text; press ctrl-y .
      Use visual mode (any of the three) to select some other text; press
      ctrl-x .

      I think of ctrl-y as my "yank" step and ctrl-x as my "exchange" step.

      To install if you're using vim7.1 or later:

      Install a new version of visswap:
      vim visswap.vba.gz
      :so %

      C Campbell

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