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137005Vim freezes with 100% cpu usage on exit

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  • Thiago Padilha
    Mar 31, 2013

      I'm experiencing a bug with vim inside virtualbox running ubuntu 12.04 LTS(which automatically installs guest additions). I noticed the bug happens with the following actions:

      1 - I open vim inside a tmux session and start working on some project. I always have two files open in vertically split window(not sure if this is relevant)
      2 - I detach the tmux session, save virtualbox state then shutdown my computer.
      3 - Some time later(like 30 minutes) I turn my computer on, resume virtualbox and reattach to the tmux/vim session.

      When I reattach, everything is working normally, except when I try to quit vim with :qa . When I do that, vim freezes and starts to consume 100% cpu until I send a SIGKILL.

      This always happens with me. The vim version I'm using is the one that comes with ubuntu 12.04 LTS(7.3.429), but I also have tested with the latest build(875) and the problem persists. The ubuntu guest only contains the minimal install (console-only)

      To whoever is interested in investigating this bug and fails to reproduce it: just ask and I will try to collect more info about my working environment.

      Thanks in advance.

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