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136982Re: expand('%:p') doesn't work properly when opening a new file in a non-existing directory?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Mar 30, 2013
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      On 30/03/13 07:35, Hong Xu wrote:
      > Hi Tony,
      > Thanks for your reply.
      > I have noticed that I can not write to disk if I create a new file in a
      > non-existing directory; what I am concerning is the unexpected behavior
      > of `expand('%:p')`. I am currently encountering an issue in my plugin: I
      > call `expand('%:p')` to obtain the full path, but in the given case
      > above, I would get a truncated path. So I think this behavior should not
      > be expected. Do you think so?
      > Thanks,
      > Hong

      I think that you cannot get the full path if there is no disk path.
      Maybe you ought to get '' rather than 'a/a.b'. Or maybe it is intended
      (perhaps vi-compatible) behaviour, and you can test the value (on Unix:
      either empty, or doesn't start with a slash; on Windows: either empty,
      or the second character is not a colon) to determine that you didn't get
      a real path. (Empty is for a [No Name] buffer.)

      " untested
      let filepath = expand('%:p')
      if ((has('unix') && (filepath =~ '/.*')) || (!has('unix') && (filepath
      =~ '.:.*'))
      " we have a real path
      " we don't

      Now that I think of it, a better test might be filereadable() or
      filewritable(). Or :w in a try-catch block.

      :help filereadable()
      :help filewritable()
      :help :try

      Best regards,
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