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  • Christian Brabandt
    Mar 26, 2013
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      On Tue, March 26, 2013 13:25, Hendrikus Godvliet wrote:
      > I have a problem to get pasted copy in to Vim
      > Please take a look to this two screenshots Gedit and Vim
      > Vim make's a mash of the pasting code
      > http://hendrikus-godvliet.appspot.com/chakras/30001
      > Plaese can someone help to make me clear how to corect past copy from
      > outsite Vim into Vim.

      I don't understand what your problem is, and that webpage shows 2
      screenshots but no problem description, just how to copy and paste.
      I guess, everybody here knows those basic principle.

      Are you copying from an application outside of vim into terminal vim?
      Then as others have outlined, the solution is usually :set paste
      Other solutions are mentioned in the faq at:

      If you are copy and pasting within your vim session, then I would
      say, this shouldn't happen. Can you reproduce the behaviour starting
      from vim -u NONE -N?
      It if doesn't happen, then your .vimrc or a plugin is likely the problem
      if it also happens there, you might have found a bug.

      Also see the faq for debugging this kind of stuff:


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