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136828Re: How to keep folds intact when the file is sent over mail

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  • Tim Chase
    Mar 21, 2013
      On 2013-03-21 00:15, sheetal wrote:
      > I don't konw if this is possible, but i've a text file on which
      > i've applied fold cmd using the marks, Now when i send the file to
      > over email, I want to keep the fold intact so that the other person
      > viewing the file should also see the folds, Current behaviour is
      > the person viewing the file will see all the fold extended and also
      > if we try fold using 'zc' Error saying fold not defined pops up.
      > Any pointers on this would be appreciated.

      You'd need to coordinate your configurations. You say that you're
      using "marks", which I presume means you're using fold markers
      (":set foldmethod=marker", note that you might have to also change
      'commentstring' to something appropriate for the language you're
      using) rather than "set foldmethod=manual".

      According to

      :help fold-marker

      you can manually specify the fold-level after the markers. You can
      then have the other person set the fold-method to "marker" and then
      use "zM" to close all the folds you want closed. This gets pretty
      close to what you want, though it breaks down if you want to send
      folds that don't get closed.


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