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136796Re: redir and glob

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  • Ben Fritz
    Mar 19, 2013
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      On Monday, March 18, 2013 5:39:14 PM UTC-5, FlashBurn wrote:
      > I want to create a list of files that my project is using. This list will be stored in a file and subsequently will be used by cscope.

      OK, so the task is to write to a file.

      > Here is what I have so far:
      > function! BuildFileList()
      > s:dir_list = ['dir1', 'dir2', 'dir3']
      > s:output_file = 'cscope.files'
      > redir! > s:output_file

      Here other responses have assumed you are wanting to write to a variable. But, you've said you want to write to a file. So your problem is the classing "didn't realize you can't use variables on the cmd line" problem. To use a variable name in most ex commands, you need to build a string and then execute it rather than inserting the variable name directly. In your case, like this:

      execute "redir! > ".s:output_file

      As Gary points out, it can be more efficient not to use redir at all, but rather to call the writefile function to write directly from a script.

      > for dir in s:dir_list
      > glob(dir.'*.[ch]')
      > endfor

      Here you're attempting to call the glob() function, which returns (but does NOT display) a list. Since you have an active redirection, you should be displaying the output to capture it in the redirection. To accomplish this, use the "echo" command:

      echo glob(dir.'*.[ch]')

      An alternate, better approach is to not use the redirection at all. You can either store the result of glob into a string or list, or just pass the result into the writefile function. See Gary's response.

      > redir END
      > endfunction
      > silent call BuildFileList

      I'm amazed this function call works. I always thought you need to add parentheses at the end like "call BuildFileList()", but apparently it works enough to execute the function and give you error messages! I just learned something...which I will probably continue to not use.

      > I'm getting the following errors when I execute this function:
      > E190: Cannot open "s:output_file" for writing
      > E486: Pattern not found: dir."*.[ch]"
      > Obviously there is something wrong with the way I use redir and glob, but I can't get my finger on it. Does anybody know what am I doing wrong?

      Yup, with both. Good insight :-)

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