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136677Re: Vim chokes on mail.vim ftplugin function

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Mar 9, 2013
      Hi Jorge!

      On Sa, 09 Mär 2013, Jorge Luis Gonzalez wrote:

      > I'm using Vim 7.3 from ports on FreeBSD. When mutt loads the editor it
      > throws the following error:
      > Error detected while processing
      > /usr/local/share/vim/vim73/ftplugin/mail.vim:
      > line 54:
      > :%s/^>[[:space:]%|#>]\+$//e
      > :%s/^>[[:space:]%|#>]\+$//e
      > Here's the function from the stock mail.vim ftplugin:
      > function! Mail_Del_Empty_Quoted()
      > exe "normal :%s/^>[[:space:]\%\|\#>]\\+$//e\<CR>"
      > endfunction

      That looks strange. First, there really is no need for an exe call here,
      second, when using exe "..." backslashes within quoted strings need to
      be escaped. Third, the normal is superflous and fourth, the \<CR>
      shouldn't really be there.

      > call Mail_Del_Empty_Quoted()

      This is not in the official distributed runtime scripts that come
      bundled with vim. Get in contact with the maintainer of that file. It
      should be mentioned at the first couple of lines of

      And possibly also file a bug report at FreeBSD.

      Wie man sein Kind nicht nennen sollte:
      Angela Ufen

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