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136605Re: A couple of possible improvements to python omnicomplete.

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  • Ben Fritz
    Mar 4, 2013
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      On Monday, March 4, 2013 4:41:10 AM UTC-6, Edd Barrett wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I have been using vim for many years now and I finally got around to
      > trying omni-completion, first with Python. Before this I have just had a
      > www browser open on the Python API docs or used pydoc. I am aware of the
      > super-extended versions of the standard completer like jedi-vim, but I
      > find the default completer sufficiently lightweight and fast.
      > I have a few gripes, that to a vim hacker may be trivial fixes(?):
      > 1) If completion for C-x, C-o yields a single match, then no
      > documentation is shown. Why not? The docs are a nice touch and often I
      > know the name of the function, just not the parameters.

      :help 'completeopt', I think you just want to add "menuone".

      > 2) If you type a whole function name and press C-x, C-o then I get the
      > message: "-- Omni completion (^O^N^P) Pattern not found". Why not say
      > that there was a single match and show the docs?
      > 3) After pressing C-x, C-o and continuing typing, the list of
      > suggestions disappears. Why not keep it there until a match is typed or
      > until there are no longer matches?

      I don't see either of these when using the omnicomplete function supplied
      by eclim. I'm not sure whether it is a problem with python omni complete,
      or whether it is because of my 'completeopt' settings. Try adding
      "longest" to your completion options to see if it helps; I have that in
      mine. I have not investigated without it.

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