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136600Re: Regex or other vim help: limiting the scope of a substitution

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Mar 3, 2013
      Hi Hsiu!

      On Sa, 02 Mär 2013, Hsiu Dai wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I'd like to change all the underscores within a class="____" to hyphens. For instance, I have:
      > <a href="linkone" class="class_a class_b"></a>
      > <a href="link_two" class="classc class_d"></a>
      > And in the end, I'd like to to be:
      > <a href="linkone" class="class-a class-b"></a>
      > <a href="link_two" class="classc class-d"></a>
      > As you can see, the underscores have been changed to hyphens but only in the class attribute, everywhere else they're left alone and everything else in the class attribute is also left alone.
      > I thought maybe I could use a lookbehind for this, but am still having trouble. I understand why the following doesn't work (the /g tries to match the `class="` again and fails), but it's as close as I've gotten.
      > s/\(class="\)\@<=\([^"_]*\)_/\2-/g

      That is pretty close. This should work:

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