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136573Re: Vim wiki editable by git

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  • Antony Scriven
    Feb 28, 2013
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      On 24 February 2013 23:34, Marc Weber wrote:

      > As you all know I wrote VAM to solve a problem: Vim plugins
      > distribution.
      > The Vim community suffers from a second problem: There
      > are many plugins - some are outdated - and its sometimes
      > hard to find the "jewels" - because they may be hosted on
      > github only. There is a wiki, but its not integrated in
      > the main site - neither is it easy for external people to
      > hack on it just using what they know best: "Vim" (right?)
      > For this reason I'd like to start a wiki like text file
      > based git repository which summarizes the most useful
      > tools (and maybe alternatives) so that people who want to
      > find answers about: "How to I most efficiently code xy"
      > or do "z".
      > [...]

      I agree there's a problem. I think vim.org could do with
      some modernising.

      > Also would you be interested in joining and helping
      > maintain such a git based wiki?

      A wiki is a great idea. And they maintain themselves,
      courtesy of those who give a shit. I think it should be on
      vim.org though (I realise this is your ultimate intent too).

      > Its not about writing comprehensive documentation, rather
      > about creating an index about which tools are known to
      > solve a problem. This can be completion, configuration,
      > running a compiler and more.

      Agreed. These questions come up *a lot*, and finding the
      answers with Google is surprisingly difficult. What you get
      are blog posts saying 'you can hack foo integration into Vim
      with these custom mappings which happen to rely on custom
      program x which is in my environment but you'll have to
      compile it from source ...,' etc.

      This isn't a criticism: because Vim is so customisable,
      people can easily whip up their own systems which solve the
      problem at hand but aren't always helpful for the beginner
      (or seasoned professional!) trying to learn Python, for

      The current state of affairs is quite fragmented.
      There's vim.org, the mailing list, the Vim tips wiki,
      scripts on vim.org, other scripts on Github, discussion on
      #vim, many questions on Stack Overflow .... Where to look?

      Certainly I think the scripts section on vim.org needs
      a thorough revamp.

      > Feedback about this idea and ideas are welcome.

      Well, I also think that vim.org would benefit from
      a chatroom, Stack Overflow style. I've no doubt it
      would be popular among new users of Vim. #vim has
      loads of new users asking questions, and who uses IRC
      these days? :-)

      I think, given the enduring popularity of Vim, it needs
      a centralised resource.


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