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136389Re: Always restore buffer list from .viminfo file

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  • Emmanuel GALLOIS
    Feb 26, 2013
      On 20/02/13 10:26, Arvid Warnecke wrote:
      >is there any chance to recover all opened buffers in vim from the
      >~/.viminfo file somehow?
      >I understood that vim trashes the buffers list when vim is started with
      >a specific file to edit. But as I use vim in mutt as my default editor
      >as well, I always loose my buffers because mutt opens it like this:
      >`vim /tmp/mutt-archbookPro-1000-895-3021467551525290154`
      >So it does not help when I try to use only one vim instance running on
      >my workstation to keep all buffers around.
      >I read something about v:oldfiles, but I have no clue how this file
      >might be of any help, because I just have a list of all old files in a
      >new buffer. I am not able to restore the buffers from it.
      >Best regards,

      Maybe :mksession is the right answer for you...

      :h mksession

      see point #7.

      Best regards.

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