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136381Re: Vim wiki editable by git

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  • Jeroen Budts
    Feb 25, 2013
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      On 02/25/2013 12:34 AM, Marc Weber wrote:
      > As you all know I wrote VAM to solve a problem: Vim plugins
      > distribution.
      > The Vim community suffers from a second problem: There are many
      > plugins - some are outdated - and its sometimes hard to find the
      > "jewels" - because they may be hosted on github only. There is a
      > wiki, but its not integrated in the main site - neither is it easy
      > for external people to hack on it just using what they know best:
      > "Vim" (right?)
      > For this reason I'd like to start a wiki like text file based git
      > repository which summarizes the most useful tools (and maybe
      > alternatives) so that people who want to find answers about: "How
      > to I most efficiently code xy" or do "z".
      > Of course vim help files come to mind, they already support links
      > and code blocks - and there are existing tools to turn them into
      > HTML (so that the contents can be pushed to www.vim.org one day) -
      > still markup is little bit limited.
      > Are there alternatives you'd choose for such an effort which can
      > be translated to HTML easily and which can be edited and read by
      > Vim, too?
      > Also would you be interested in joining and helping maintain such
      > a git based wiki?
      > Its not about writing comprehensive documentation, rather about
      > creating an index about which tools are known to solve a problem.
      > This can be completion, configuration, running a compiler and
      > more.
      > Feedback about this idea and ideas are welcome. Marc Weber
      Vimwiki immediately comes to my mind. It has nice syntax highlighting in
      Vim; supports most common markup such as bold, italic, 6 (?) levels of
      headers, quotes, lists, code blocks etc; It also supports linking to
      other pages, to external pages, to pages in other wiki's, to files etc.
      Vimwiki supports multiple syntaxes (default, markup, wikipedia). When
      using the default syntax you can easily export the entire wiki to HTML.
      It also let's you use your custom html template for that.
      I have been using vimwiki for a few years now to take notes and I really
      like how easy it is. Although I don't export to HTML, since I always
      read it in Vim.



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