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136363Re: Having trouble activating the matchit plugin

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  • Gary Johnson
    Feb 23, 2013
      On 2013-02-22, cjsmall wrote:
      > [I am subscribed to this group and get daily posts. I tried to email
      > this post to vim@... (as the community page states) and it bounced
      > back without any specifically helpful info. What's wrong? Has the
      > email address changed to vim_use@... or could it be something
      > else? Thanks.]
      > I'm using CSW build of vim 7.3 on a Solaris 10 SPARC system.
      > I would like to use the matchit plugin that ships with vim. I read
      > the instructions, copied the matchit.txt and matchit.vim files from
      > the system macros directory to my ~/.vim/doc and ~/.vim/plugin
      > directories. I can read the matchit documentation with :help matchit,
      > but vim will not jump to matching HTML tags or C keywords using "%".
      > I have tried everything in the docs and have searched the internet for
      > advice. It appears that many other people have the same problem, but
      > none of the suggestions I found work for them or for me.
      > Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? Thanks for any help you can
      > offer.

      With Vim 7.3.646 on an Ubuntu Linux system, I went to a directory
      containing an HTML file and executed the following (one line).

      view -N -u NONE --cmd 'let &rtp = $VIMRUNTIME' --cmd 'filetype plugin on' --cmd 'runtime macros/matchit.vim' index.html

      That used only the stock files that come with Vim. I could use % to
      jump between the beginning and ending <html>, <head>, <body> and all
      the other tags I tried, so the matchit plugin worked fine for me.

      Try that and see how it works. If it doesn't work, there is
      apparently something lacking in that version or installation of Vim.
      If it does work, then there is something wrong with the way you have
      tried to enable the matchit plugin.


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