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136330Re: _vimrc not run when invoking gvim on text file from context menu

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  • Paul
    Feb 21, 2013
      I found the solution after a simple read of ":help vimrc". Set the
      environment variable VIMINIT to

      source $USERPROFILE\_vimrc

      For any other system or computing environment, I strongly suspect that
      one can use whatever path is to your _vimrc if it isn't $USERPROFILE

      On Feb 21, 12:54 pm, Paul <paul.domas...@...> wrote:
      > In Windows 7, I got a program "pinned" to the taskbar.  It is
      > basically a shortcut with the "Target" field set to:
      >    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim73\gvim.exe" -u _vimrc
      > and the "Start in" field set to $USERPROFILE.  The _vimrc is also in
      > $USERPROFILE, so it runs when gvim is started.
      > However, when I right click on a text file in Windows Explorer and
      > choose "Edit with vim", _vimrc is not run.  Is something I can do to
      > have it run?
      > There are restrictions that a solution would have to observe.  First
      > is that I don't have admin privileges, so I can only stick _vimrc in
      > places where $USERNAME can write.  Also, $HOME is not a good place for
      > it because it is set to a network drive.  Finally, since I'm invoking
      > gvim from the context menu, I'm not aware of a way to set environment
      > variables for such an invocation of vim (unlike the case invoking vim
      > from a script or command line).

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