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136321Re: Help regarding netrw, sorry if this is not the right way to ask for help.

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  • Charles E Campbell
    Feb 20, 2013
      Manas K wrote:
      > Hello Dr.Chip!
      > I tried out that version to the same effect. I did post earlier on the
      > vim mailing list and a gentleman (Tony) confirmed my suspicion that
      > once a directory was opened by using the direct path, any other
      > directory I further try to navigate will need to have a "/" after it,
      > which somehow sub-directories don't show.
      You can also try two commands provided by netrw:

      gf : treat string under cursor as a file's name
      gd: treat string under cursor as a directory's name

      Netrw has a variable that may help you:


      See :help g:netrw_ftp_list_cmd . The point is: netrw expects the
      listing delivered by ftp to include the name followed by "/" in the case
      of directories. Try using ftp directly; does

      ls -lF

      show directories with trailing slashes? It could either be the site
      that's causing trouble, your ftp doesn't pass along options, etc. If you
      find some magic option that gets those slashes, modify the variable.

      C Campbell

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