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136316Re: wide letter spacing when using gvim (GUI mode)

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Feb 20, 2013
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      On 20/02/13 21:21, Alex Dong Li wrote:
      > Ben,
      > I tried and 4 fonts showed up: DejaVu Sans, Monospace, Sans, Serif, same
      > as if I use GUI's menu to set the font. I have tried each of them but it
      > does not work either.
      > I wishes I had the root access to our company linux servers so that I
      > could compile vim with multi-byte disabled. Too many libraries/headers
      > are missing for me to compile gvim myself.
      > Thank you very much for your help anyway!
      > Alex.

      If ":set gfn=*" shows only those four and nothing else (and no way to
      scroll to bring more font names into view) and what is called Monospace
      on your computer is what you showed in the gvim screenshot, then it
      means there is _no_ monospaced font on your computer that gvim can see
      (that font in the gvim screenshot isn't a monospace font: it's a
      proportional sans-serif font, maybe "DejaVu Sans" but not "DejaVu Sans
      Mono" which would be the "real" monospaced font in the same family).

      So, you could either complain to your sysadmin, that there is no
      fixed-width typewriter-like font that you can reach from gvim…

      …or use console vim. Or, on Linux, use gvim in console mode by means of
      a softlink, to make sure you have a full-featured Console Vim with X11

      pushd ~/bin
      ln -sv `which vim` vim-orig
      ln -sv `which gvim` vim

      Best regards,
      "All my friends and I are crazy. That's the only thing that keeps us

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