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136302Re: wide letter spacing when using gvim (GUI mode)

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  • Ben Fritz
    Feb 20, 2013
      On Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12:48:28 PM UTC-6, alexdongli wrote:
      > Dear Sirs,
      > I am adding more details to my problem.
      > I use monospace. I access gvim using xterm via reflectionX (an xterm app). I am attaching two files vim.png and gvim.png generated using the same vimrc and the same xterm. You will immediately see what I mean. Now I know it probably has something to do with guifontwide, but just cannot get the problem solved. 
      > My .vimrc file is simple:
      > " set fileencodings=latin1          " tried this too but it does not work.
      > set hlsearch
      > set cinoptions=:0,p0,t0
      > set cinwords=if,elsif,else,while,do,for,switch,case,foreach,unless,until
      > set guifont=Monospace\ 8
      > "set guifontset=Monospace \8      " tried this too but it does not work
      > "set guifontwide=Monospace\ 8    " tried this too but it does not work.

      Thanks, those details and the screenshots help a lot.

      I'm not 100% certain your "set guifont" line in your .vimrc is doing what you want; the exact string needed depends very much on your system.

      Can you try, from gvim, the following command to select a font?

      :set guifont=*

      This should bring up a dialog where you can choose a font from a list of supported fonts and sizes.

      If selecting a font in this way makes your issue go away, do:

      :set guifont?


      :echo getfontname()

      to see what string you should put in your .vimrc to set the font permanently.

      See http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Change_font if any of this confuses you.

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