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136287Re: vim: map a key to "conditionally" override built-in behavior

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  • Paul Isambert
    Feb 20, 2013
      ping <songpingemail@...> a écrit:
      > On 2/19/2013 4:20 AM, Paul Isambert wrote:
      > > You can use <expr> to define a mapping with a function:
      > >
      > > function! <SID>Map()
      > > if line(".") == 1 && wincol(".") == 1
      > > return ":q\r"
      > > else
      > > return "h"
      > > endif
      > > endfunction
      > >
      > > nnoremap <expr> h <SID>Map()
      > thanks!
      > I still don't fully understand the theory of this <SID> thing (even read
      > : help <SID>)
      > but per my test this doesn't work well.

      Quite normal it doesn’t work, I made a mistake and mixed two versions.
      The conditional should be either (to trigger the special mapping when
      in the upper left corner of the window):

      if winline() == 1 && wincol() - (&number ? &numberwidth : 0) == 1

      or (to trigger the mapping in the upper left corner of the file):

      if line(".") == 1 && col(".") == 1

      As for <SID>: the “real name” of a <SID>-prefixed function is that
      function’s name with a prefix unique to the script, so that in script
      Foo “<SID>MyFunc()” is e.g. “<SNR>22_MyFunc()” and in script Bar
      “<SID>MyFunc()” is e.g. “<SNR>47_MyFunc()”. In the script itself, the
      script’s author can use <SID> without bothering to define a unique
      prefix; the automatic replacement then ensures that functions with the
      same names don’t clash outside the script.

      > it's weird that echo wincol() starting from 7, instead of 1, when I move
      > my cursor to the leftmost column.

      That’s because wincol() really starts counting at the window’s left
      side, before line numbers.


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