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136286Re: trouble with pattern, character collections

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  • Erik Christiansen
    Feb 20, 2013
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      On 19.02.13 10:23, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      > Bram, here is a patch, making [^\n] not match NL within the text and
      > that also documents, that '.' matches CR and LF within the text.
      > This makes both [1] and [2] behave the same and seems to better match
      > the users expectations.

      Christian, many thanks for the work you have done, and for putting users
      first. It is heartily appreciated.

      The consolation may be small, but vim is now consistent with awk:

      . This matches any single character, including the newline character.

      « - xpdf gawk.pdf # "Effective AWK Programming"

      O'Reilly's "Mastering Regular Expressions" has it as varying between
      tools. (OK, we knew that. :-)


      The only thing worse than X Windows: (X Windows) - X

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