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136240Re: trouble with pattern, character collections

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  • Marc Weber
    Feb 19, 2013
      > Why is this an issue? I don't see a problem with \_ syntax at all.
      Let me tell you. People get to know Vim. Vim is a tool to serve users.
      They want to edit text, get their job done (At least that's what I
      assume). For this reason every construct such as \_ which requires you
      to lookup help is going to take your time - time which should be spent
      on the wiki or the homepage (yes - there is much to improve).

      So from technical point of view there is nothing wrong: Something is
      documentented, and it works as expected.

      If you look at the ruby community there are some voices which
      dislike some aspects about ruby: That there are so many ways to do
      something ..

      If you look at the whole ecosystem it is wrong, because its
      wasting resources in many ways (human resources being the most
      expensive ones). You may disagree on this - but its true.
      The best docs are the ones you don't have to read.

      I'm not proposing dropping it (if Vim was my projcet I'd do so - showing
      an error message instead) - but maybe docs can be adjusted so that
      people use [\n] and maybe even miss the Vim only special case on the
      first glance.

      Christian, thanks for your support.

      Marc Weber

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