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136213Re: trouble with pattern, character collections

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Feb 18, 2013
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      Hi Marc!

      On Mo, 18 Feb 2013, Marc Weber wrote:

      > I don't think that additional threads are going to help
      > There is an issue, and we should find a way to fix (IMHO).
      > Let me summarize again - and tell me if you feel differently.
      > Test cases:
      > [1] echo len(matchstr("\n",'\zs[^\n]\ze'))
      > [2] echo len(matchstr("\n","\\zs[^\n]\\ze"))
      > I expect both do the same, the difference is that the second as chr(10) in [^],
      > while the first has \n (which should be translated to chr(10).
      > However I obsorve that [2] returns 0 as expected , but [1] does return
      > 1, thus it matches \n even though I told Vim that I do not want to match
      > it. People told me this was because '.' is equal to [^\n].

      No, it is because "\n" is evaluated to a true line feed, so "[^\n]"
      matches anything but ASCII NUL and ASCII 10, while '[^\n]' matches
      anything but ASCII NUL (which is used internally by Vim to distinguish
      lines from each other (e.g. a line seperator), so that a . matches
      anyhing in the buffer but the line seperator)

      > If so which is the best way to fix this - and which should be the way to
      > express [^\n] meaning do not match \n rather than behave like '.' then ?

      [^\n] should always behave like '.'

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