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136206puzzling to `> expansion for rst files, no digraph

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  • Roland Puntaier
    Feb 18, 2013

      just in case someone else has the same problem...

      This happens (only?) with .rst file extension (restructured text):
      In insert mode <C-K> gets immediately expanded to <t_ı`> (<t_<fd>`>)
      Wanted behavior would be to let me enter a digraph.

      I let vim list :imap. No such mapping.
      I grep /usr/share/vim73 and ~/.vim for '<t_' and '<C-K>'. No explaining
      I check whether keymap files are loaded. None.
      iabbr. None.

      So I check every single bundle by mv'ing it to a temp name.

      And, surprise, with css_color gone the behavior is gone.
      <C-K> lets me enter the digraph now.

      I checked css_color, but it didn't give me any hint
      on how it could have produced the behavior.
      I'm curious. So if anybody has an idea, please let me know.

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