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136182Re: Gurus - does/can Vim have a functionality resembling Info?

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  • Anthony Campbell
    Feb 17, 2013
      On 17 Feb 2013, Erik Christiansen wrote:
      > > Interesting, but why is it better than just marking a block in Visual
      > > and cutting and pasting it?
      > A look back at my first post on this threadน shows that the top level
      > folded view provided a table of contents for the whole document, while
      > the closed folds in the opened "VIM:" fold provided an in-situ TOC for
      > that section. Since the (potentially) pages of text in a fold is already
      > presented as a line-equivalent unit, directly manipulable by simple
      > familiar vim commands, it would be a backward step to open the fold and
      > then begin to manually muck about constructing a matching visual block,
      > to define the text which is already defined by the fold. It is less
      > effort to use what is already there, neatly folded into one line.


      Sorry, I lost track of how this thread started. Yes, I see why folding
      is an advantage in this case, and I expect I shall use it to keep track
      of my own files that remind me of how to do things, as well as addresses

      My last comment was relative to 'ordinary' text files, such as articles
      or books, although even there I can see a use for folding occasionally,
      e.g. for writing notes to myself and keeping track of deleted sections.
      The equivalent of marginal notes in the old days of typewriters. I don't
      know why I didn't think of that - I never found a use for folding
      previously. Thanks for making me reflect - you have probably improved my
      writing habits quite a bit.


      Anthony Campbell - ac@...

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