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136178Re: trouble with pattern, character collections

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  • Marc Weber
    Feb 17, 2013
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      > This is allowed so that in a text
      > which is shown by vim as "A^@A" or "A^MA" the '.' also matches those
      > control chars carrige return / line feed.
      This doesn't make sense. If I ask to not match \n I don't want \n to be
      matched. Its about following the principle of least surprise.
      The burden to learn vim specific regex is already high enough for most

      Also try to make me understand why "[^\n]" is supposed to do what it
      says, but '[^\n]' is not. In which way is either one related to .?

      > https://groups.google.com/d/topic/vim_dev/DzJ7ZzYlzQI/discussion
      In any case it should be documented.

      Also let me know if you think that I missunderstood the docs which I

      So this is either an implementation or a documentation bug.
      I'd like to this to be treated as a implementation bug.

      Vim should also follow the principle of "least suprprise" - and [^\n] is
      supposed to not match \n.

      There is more future than past - so its ok to break compatiblity in such
      an obvious case IMHO.

      Marc Weber

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