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136176Re: Gurus - does/can Vim have a functionality resembling Info?

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  • Erik Christiansen
    Feb 17, 2013
      On 17.02.13 08:58, Anthony Campbell wrote:
      > On 16 Feb 2013, Erik Christiansen wrote:
      > > It's worth noting that Vim provides easy block shuffling without further
      > > ado. Just close a fold with zc, then cut it with dd (whatever its length
      > > in lines, it's treated as one while closed.), then paste with p
      > > somewhere else in the document. If you want to move three consecutive
      > > closed folds, use 3dd.
      > >
      > > That suffices for me, zooming multi-page multi-level nested folds around
      > > a 300+ page document - effortlessly. It has transformed my editing, and
      > > the quality of the structure of the document.

      > Interesting, but why is it better than just marking a block in Visual
      > and cutting and pasting it?

      A look back at my first post on this thread┬╣ shows that the top level
      folded view provided a table of contents for the whole document, while
      the closed folds in the opened "VIM:" fold provided an in-situ TOC for
      that section. Since the (potentially) pages of text in a fold is already
      presented as a line-equivalent unit, directly manipulable by simple
      familiar vim commands, it would be a backward step to open the fold and
      then begin to manually muck about constructing a matching visual block,
      to define the text which is already defined by the fold. It is less
      effort to use what is already there, neatly folded into one line.

      As mentioned in that other post, a visual block, then zf, is the easiest
      way to initially create the fold, but afterwards it need not ever be
      done again.

      Trying it out might be the best way to come to grips with what it can do
      - proof of the pudding, and all that.


      ┬╣ Don't want to clutter the list with that again, if it's not needed.

      The tools we use have a profound and devious influence on our thinking
      habits, and therefore on our thinking abilities.
      -Edsgar W. Dijkstra

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