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136175trouble with pattern, character collections

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  • Marc Weber
    Feb 17, 2013
      I expect the following to output 1 (be equal), but its not. I don't understand why

      echo substitute("-D abc\nfoo/bar\n-L x", "-[DL][ ]*[^\n]*",'','g')
      \ == substitute("-D abc\nfoo/bar\n-L x", '-[DL][ ]*[^\n]*','','g')

      Why do I expect so ? because "[\n]" should be the same as '[\n]' - however
      '[\n]' should be replaced by chr(10) by the pattern interpreter according to help:

      according to :h pattern.txt /A collection. This is a sequence of characters enclosed in brackets
      - The following translations are accepted when the 'l' flag is not
      included in 'cpoptions' {not in Vi}:
      \n line break, see above |/[\n]|

      Which piece am I missunderstanding?

      Marc Weber

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