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136141Gurus - does/can Vim have a functionality resembling Info?

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  • Philip Rhoades
    Feb 14, 2013
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      I write my own README files for stuff that is used infrequently enough
      to need written reminders about how to do just the things that I want to
      do - however some of these files have now grown largish and finding the
      bit of text I want in them is getting slow and tedious. I want to keep
      these files as standard txt files but I would be good to have something
      like the functionality of the "info" utility to enable easy navigation
      of the file "nodes" from a table of contents at the top of the file. I
      did think about just using "info" itself but that is overkill and too
      much of a pain . .

      I would like suggestions about how this might be done from within Vim
      with combinations of key words and commands or plugins or whatever -


      Philip Rhoades

      GPO Box 3411
      Sydney NSW 2001
      E-mail: phil@...

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