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136135Re: Using auto-format with LaTeX

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Feb 13, 2013
      Hi Marcin!

      On So, 10 Feb 2013, Marcin Szamotulski wrote:

      > On 12:19 Sat 09 Feb , Zyad wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > I'm finding the auto-format option very attractive (setl fo+=a), but I'm having trouble getting it to work nicely when editing LaTeX documents.
      > >
      > > More specifically, I'd like to make it aware of LaTeX keywords so that, for example, when writing the following,
      > >
      > > This is a paragraph that is properly
      > > formatted to have a textwidth of 40.
      > > 'auto-format' helps maintain it in a
      > > formatted form, even if I edit parts of
      > > it.
      > > \begin{equation}
      > > z^2 = x^2 + y^2
      > > \end{equation
      > >
      > > as soon as I enter '\', the cursor moves to the previous line. Is it possible to have auto-format understand that a keyword like '\begin{' should not be considered part of the paragraph before it? I'm aware of formatoptions' 'w' flag, but it is inconvenient for me since the document is usually edited by others.
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > > Zyad
      > The problem is that vim the 'paragraphs' setting accepts only nroff
      > macros. ATP (http://atp-vim.sf.net) defined a map gW which detects
      > paragraphs and formats them - it is still not what you (and me) wanted
      > but it a bit better.

      Personally, I have never used nroff macros and I think the 'paragraphs'
      and 'sections' setttings are pretty useless, if you can't use regular

      Does anything speak against having a special casing of the 'paragraphs'
      and 'sections' option to use a regular expression pattern to test
      against if it starts with a '/'?

      Attached is a toy patch.

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