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135947Re: Migrating text from vim to wysiwyg editor

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    Feb 2, 2013
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      > I have reduced the file to something very short - however, at some
      > point the error changed to E147: Cannot do :global recursive. Here
      > is the short version:
      > ###########
      > 2010.09.06
      > Enter more city directory data - I already have quite a lot for my
      > family in spreadsheets.
      > ###########

      It looks like it's the first line causing trouble. So I'd expand my
      caveat to "have a blank line at both the top and bottom of the
      file". I think it stems from the '{ mark being the first line rather
      than the zero'th line, so when you add one to it, it points to line
      #2, coming *after* the '}-minus-one line (the top solitary line of

      Usually the E147 about ":global recursive" gets triggered when you
      try something like


      where you try to do a ":g" as the Ex command issued by an outer :g
      command. I couldn't find the help-target on that one off the top of
      my head (the help for E147 doesn't give anything on how to remedy
      that error).


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