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135944Re: nnoremap j gj not working from vimrc

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  • Gary Johnson
    Feb 2, 2013
      On 2013-02-02, Jarom Jackson wrote:
      > I've tried placing the following:
      > nnoremap j gj
      > nnoremap k gk
      > in the vimrc, but is causes some funny behaviour.
      > I'm using gvim, and when I issue the commands above manually, they
      > do what I expect, the cursor moves up/down one visual line at a
      > time.
      > When placed in the vimrc, though, when I start up gvim and try
      > navigating, it does some unexpected stuff. j moves down 1 and over
      > 1, but skips empty lines. k moves the cursor up one and over 1,
      > but gets stuck on empty lines.

      Your mapping is behaving as though you left a space at the end.
      Open your vimrc and execute

      :set list

      I expect that your mappings will look like this:

      nnoremap j gj $
      nnoremap k gk $

      Delete that trailing space and your mappings should work as


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