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135913Re: Migrating text from vim to wysiwyg editor

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  • Gary Johnson
    Feb 1, 2013
      On 2013-02-01, Tim Johnson wrote:
      > Hi Team :
      > I've started using drupal. I've been writing articles using vim.
      > Sometimes they get printed directly from vim, sometimes I copy them
      > into OpenOffice and print them off.
      > Then, I publish them to the web using drupal and a wysiwyg editor.
      > I'm really very new to using wysiwyg editors (as in drupal). I'm
      > sure that pasting text from vim is going to insert hard breaks that
      > might result in hard-to-read formatting in different devices.
      > I would welcome some tips on how to make this transition. I think
      > that a script of some kind that would join all lines into one for a
      > paragraph, then copy the line to the clipboard would do the trick.
      > Because I believe that the wysiwyg editor would then take care of
      > the appropriate wrapping.
      > Before I procede - any comments?

      For my weekly status report, which I compose during the week using
      Vim before sending it to my boss using Outlook, I

      :set tw=9999

      then highlight the lines of the report using V. Then


      to reformat all the paragraphs as long lines and yank them to the
      clipboard, move the mouse to the Outlook message and


      My ~/_vimrc includes

      set clipboard^=unnamed

      so that I don't have to specify the clipboard explicitly.


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