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135900Re: Fastest way to swap selections

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  • Paul Isambert
    Feb 1, 2013
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      Le 01/02/2013 15:40, Juanmi a écrit :
      > Sorry I thought I was clear. What I mean is to change in the example the mac address in printer host change with laptop host mac address. Change one for another. Something like selecting visually 1 mac, then I go to the next mac and when I select it push a keybinding and the macs addresses interchange their places.

      The simpler way I know is:

      1) select first text
      2) delete with d
      3) select second text
      4) paste first text with p (this deletes the second text)
      5) go back to the first position
      6) paste with p

      In step 3), if you jump to the second text with "<line>G", you can go
      back to the first position in step 5) with a simple ``.

      Otherwise, you can still use named register to make sure you make no


      > El viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013 14:19:41 UTC+1, Ben Fritz escribió:
      >> On Friday, February 1, 2013 5:14:56 AM UTC-6, Juanmi wrote:
      >>> Hello all,
      >>> I would like to know what are the better/fastest way to swap portions of text. In this case ip address. Imagine I have a dhcp config and want to change a mac address by another:
      >>> host printer {
      >>> option host-name "epl5900.red-local.net";
      >>> hardware ethernet 00:24:2B:65:54:84;
      >>> fixed-address;
      >>> }
      >>> host computer {
      >>> option host-name "fancylaptop.red-local.net";
      >>> hardware ethernet 00:24:2B:65:54:85;
      >>> fixed-address;
      >>> }
      >>> What can I do to swap both macs on example?
      >>> Thanks.
      >> What do you mean by "swap"?
      >> If I were entering a new MAC address by manual edit, I'd just place the cursor on the address, press R, and type it in.
      >> If I already have the new MAC address in some other application, I'd copy it, place the cursor on the beginning, press ct; (change text until just before the ';' character) and then CTRL+R followed by + to paste it in.
      >> As you can see the action I'd take depends on the situation.
      >> So please explain your situation more fully.

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