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  • skeept
    Jan 26, 2013
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      On Friday, January 25, 2013 5:57:30 PM UTC-5, Adolfo Olivera wrote:
      > Hello List,
      >              Does anyone have some examples on mappings to switch windows faster CTRL-W, h and CTRL-W, l ?

      I use the mappings

      nmap <TAB> <C-W>
      nmap <TAB><TAB> <C-W><C-W>

      this makes the movement between windows very convenient (tab + hjkl) but also other window operations (close (c), quit (q), only (o), top (t), bottom (b), previous (p)). The list goes on...

      Of course if you do this you lose the ability of going back after using a <ctrl-o> jump.
      For that I have a command
      command! -count=1 Jump exe ":norm! <count>\<C-I>"

      so if I use ctrl-o I can use :Jump and go back.
      if you use <c-i> a lot you could define a mapping say ,i to act as <c-i>.



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