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135749Re: Mapping for switching windows

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  • Andy Spencer
    Jan 25, 2013
      On 2013-01-25 19:57, Adolfo Olivera wrote:
      > Does anyone have some examples on mappings to switch windows
      > faster *CTRL-W, h and CTRL-W, l* ?

      When I use win32 gvim I use:

      :map <Alt+h> <C-W>h
      :map <Alt+j> <C-W>j
      :map <Alt+k> <C-W>k
      :map <Alt+l> <C-W>l
      :map <Alt+i> gT
      :map <Alt+o> gt

      I also have alt+shift versions of each of those for moving windows and
      tabs rather than just focusing them. I also use the tab key to cycle
      through windows a lot, but this works best with only a couple splits.

      :map <Tab> <C-W><C-W>

      When I use Linux, I have a real window manager and a real shell and
      those sorts of things, which means I don't need Vim's tabs and windows
      nearly as much as I do using win32.
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