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135748Re: Updating Syntax menu

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jan 25 9:21 PM
      On 25/01/13 22:36, russurquhart1@... wrote:
      > I want to thank everyone for their help. I think i found the answer.
      > According to this url:
      > http://www.lesismore.co.za/viminform7.html
      > The relative portion:
      > Last, you can add the Vim syntax to the Syntax menu. Open Vim and enter :ed $VIMRUNTIME/makemenu.vim. Add the line below just after the older "Inform" entry. You need to source the file (ie. run it) to update the menus: :source $VIMRUNTIME/makemenu.vim.
      > SynMenu HIJK.Inform7:inform7
      > I entered SynMenu MeNO.MMD:mmd
      > sourced makemenu.vim and that worked!
      > Thanks,
      > Russ

      As has repeatedly been said on this list, you should NEVER change
      anything in the $VIMRUNTIME tree because any update can do away with
      your changes, without telling you that it did. You should rather save
      the modified version of makemenu.vim as $VIM/vimfiles/makemenu.vim
      (system-wide on any platform) or ~/.vim/makemenu.vim (single-user on
      Unix-like systems) or ~/vimfiles/makemenu.vim (single-user on Windows).

      Best regards,
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