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135720Re: Cygwin gvim needs weird ritual to past from Windows clipboard

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  • AndyHancock
    Jan 24, 2013
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      I have a gut feeling about a possible cause. I find myself frequently exasperated that the input keyboard changed from US to US - International (which I use, but I want to use it only when I choose). This random switch happens even though I disabled all hot keys for keyboard language switching. No amount of fuddling switches it back sometimes, so I end up rebooting. What an unbelievable pain.


      The double-quote is treated as special for the International keyboard. If middle-clicking somehow emulates a keyboard invocation of the vim registers, then the emulation of a double-quote keystroke might be part of that. And if the double-quote is generated at a stage before the keyboard language conversions, then it will be intercepted by the keyboard language handlers and mangled.

      It sounds like I'm grasping, but I didn't just dream this out of thin air. When I tried invoking the * register (actually, I like the + register better since I already lift the pinky to get at the double quote), gvim simply rings the error bell and bawks at me. WTH, I think, it's as if I'm entering illegal key combinations. Well, Windows randomly changes keyboard languages so often that it didn't take too long for that to come under suspicion. It was a simple test on notepad to confirm that, yes, woops, Windows did it again (sounds like a pop song). And yes, a reboot was needed (though that's not always the case).

      I hope that this is somehow also the cause for the intermittent problems in cutting and pasting by highlighting rather using vim normal-mode yanks/cuts/deletes/puts. I mean, even though it's a bummer, at least I'll know what causes it, and a reboot isn't always necessary (heck it's like playing Russion Roulette).

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