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135665Re: Cygwin gvim needs weird ritual to past from Windows clipboard

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Jan 22, 2013
      On Tue, January 22, 2013 09:36, Gary Johnson wrote:
      > On 2013-01-22, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      >> On Tue, January 22, 2013 06:03, AndyHancock wrote:
      >> > I installed cygwin's gvim on Windows 7. I found that pasting from the
      >> > Windows clipboard into gvim doesn't work by clicking the middle mouse
      >> > button unless I go through a weird ritual that I discovered by
      >> > accident. If I don't do this, I get "E353: Nothing in register *".
      > [...]
      >> You might be interested in the cygwin_clipboard patch, that is floating
      >> around vim_dev and just recently was updated to work with recent Vim
      >> versions:
      >> http://groups.google.com/group/vim_dev/msg/b9fa96cceeb03518
      >> If you try the patch, please report there if it works or if you
      >> encounter
      >> some problems. This way, we might eventually get this patch included
      >> into Vim source.
      > Andy can certainly try this patch, but I thought it applied only to
      > the Cygwin console vim.

      I honestly don't know. I thought, it works for all Cygwin versions.


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