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135646Re: snipmate vs UltiSnips?

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  • Marc Weber
    Jan 21, 2013
      Excerpts from av's message of Mon Jan 21 13:30:41 +0100 2013:
      > Try simpleSnip.
      Tell us why the UltiSnip and snipmate community should do it.
      Then we all have a nice overview about the available options.

      I'll tell you why you should consider joining snipmate/ UltiSnip community:

      - UltiSnips is well tested

      - snipmate-snippets is a comprehensive list of snippets which can now be
      used with both: snipmate and UltiSnips

      - both snipmate and UltiSnips reload snippet files automatically based
      on timestamp. No need to remember any "reload" command
      Thus writing a new snippet will be available in all vim instances.

      - both support loading plugins from many files from runtimepath.
      In both cases you can override this behaviour easily

      - both projects have a comprehensive documentation.

      Your first release was 2012-11-17.
      UltiSnips dates back 2009. snipmate is also older.

      If you want to serve the community document why you had to start from
      scratch - so that its easier to judge which tool to use for what reason.
      Vim is not about reinventing the wheel (IMHO).

      But thanks for reminding me that I still have to port the autoindent
      feature to UltiSnips :)

      This mail only reflects my view. Its fine if other people think

      Short note about "load snippets from other filetype":
      I think you should map :set ft= or such, because then you also get
      indentation and more support for the filetype you care about at that
      moment. Its a more universal solution.

      Marc Weber

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