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135608Re: vim: visual map of '|'

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    Jan 19, 2013
      On 1/19/2013 7:11 AM, Marcin Szamotulski wrote:
      > To get where the map is actually defined just use this:
      > :verbose imap |

      I knew this technique and tried this before sending initial email -- I
      got everything, all the maps... just as if there is no "|" , so :
      :verbose imap |
      :verbose imap
      are the same...

      > this will show the file and line number. If it just defined in a plugin
      > directory, you can define an autocommand:
      > au VimEnter * iunmap |
      > which will remove this map. You can even define it using maparg()
      > function:
      > au VimEnter * if maparg('|') != "" | exe "iunmap |" | endif
      > I have a bunch of similar unmaps.
      I tried both, none works...

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