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135345pascal (freepascal) syntax and indent files?

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  • hsitz
    Jan 5, 2013
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      I'm doing some work in freepascal and using Vim. Pascal syntax and indent files are bundled with Vim, but they don't seem that great. I may try to make some improvements myself, but I first thought I'd check whether anyone out there has tweaks to existing files or their own pascal filetype files that are better than what's bundled. I can't seem to find much by googling.

      As far as dislikes, or things I would change, here's start of a short list:

      I couldn't figure out what exactly the problems were with indenting, just knew it always got in my way, so I disabled the pascal indent expr and went with smartindent.

      The pascal syntax file doesn't seem to recognize 'begin' and 'end' keywords as braces, so no automatic switching between them. Also, I would like ability to highlight the assignment operator (':=') with a different color from the equality comparison ('=').

      Beyond that I can imagine some little functions that help automate variable declarations, which are a little bit of a pain in Pascal because they all come in the 'var' block before any code.

      Thanks for any help.


      Herb Sitz

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