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135310Re: printoptions=portrait:n,paper:ledger still portrait?

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  • Aaron Davies
    Jan 3, 2013
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      On Jan 2, 2013, at 5:38 PM, Christian Brabandt <cblists@...> wrote:

      > On Mi, 02 Jan 2013, Aaron Davies wrote:
      >> Iin vim 7.3.386, I have "set printoptions=portrait:n,paper:ledger" in my vimrc, but printouts come out as ledger paper, portrait. I've tested just doing "portrait:n", and that generates letter landscape correctly. Anyone know how I can fix this?
      > Hm, If I try this, it seems to work as expected. Can you show us, what
      > you expect (porribly a screenshot of orientation of the generated ps
      > file).

      Well, I've "solved" it--on this system, at least, "portrait" orientation for ledger is really landscape! "portrait:y" (or just leaving it out entirely) gives landscape in combo with "paper:ledger". With no "paper" option (defaults to A4), or with "A4", "letter" or "legal", "portrait:n" behaves as expected.

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